Senin, 16 November 2009

Tugas Ilmu Sosial Dasar Minggu 8 (Mashadi Said, Dr.)

Destrian Panducita



what stategy do you think that should be taken in order to develop Indonesia ?

I think, there are many ways to build the state of Indonesia more advanced.

1. Because I am a student,I will study hard.It's not only for my own advancement but also for my nation advancement. and If Indonesian people have a high levels of knowledge,it will be best for our nation's,our nation will have a better future.

-2. for the other area such as in the sector of economics, we must have a good qualities of honesty, so that one day if we become a leader,we will not corrupt, because economy is also important for determine the progress of our the sector of politics we must be critis with all of things that happened in our country so that our country won't be insulted with other country.

3. we must try to develop our creativity in all sectors and continue
what's already there to be better.

4. Always keep our culture so that our culture won't be able claimed with other country.and try to introduce our culture to the international world that our country have a great culture to be known with other country.and also improve our environment better than before.

5. The last,we must increase our faith to God, because religion is the foundation to become a good quality of man, and with it we can help the progress of the nation to be better.

Tugas Ilmu Sosial Dasar Minggu 7 (Mashadi Said, Dr.)

Destrian Panducita



" Why Indonesian people find it difficult to develop a nation or country ?"

there are many reasons why Indonesian people is difficult to develop a nation or country.Moreover, Indonesia is the plural society that has a lot of difference between one and another.

1.Less able to build consensus among diverse communities, so often the case of conflict rather than unite to develop the nation or country.

2.The number of people who are traditionally minded, so that it is difficult to accept the new / modern things.

3.Characters lazy to learn, so the ability to become more advanced, too limited.

4.The economic system is still unbalanced, one of them because of corruption. However the economic situation is very influential in the development of society. we know Indonesian is the one of ;corrupt country in the worl d, so the benefit of the people pay ;attention less from the gov erment.

6. Indonesian people never has a dream and imagination which they woke from the slumped.

7. Indonesian people always dependence with the goverment although t hey knew the goverment didn`t care about ;the civilization.

Tugas Ilmu Sosial Dasar Minggu 6 (Mashadi Said, Dr.)

Nama : Destrian Panducita

Class : 2 SA 02

NPM : 10608026

Compare the characteristic of modern people and indonesian people

The characteristic of modern people

1. Appreciate the time

2. Awareness of, and respect for, the dignity of others

3. Neutralism, neutral attitude even can be not to care each another people

4. Self Orientation, individual importance become the first


The characteristic of indonesian people

1.Love peaceful


3.They can still laugh although they are on the suffering

4.Have harmonious family relationship

5.Feudalism attitude